Truck transportation is the most popular form of transport globally. There is no better vehicle to use when moving loads around a city, country or even across borders. But many organisations don’t own their own trucks so the next best solution for them is truck rental.

Truck rental is not an easy service to use due to the high risks that are involved. Most large truck rental companies are geared to only rent out a vehicle to corporate companies at very high rates. At Dial a Truck, we operate a little differently. This is where Dial a Truck comes in. We are a low cost, easy to use vehicle rental company that only focuses on doing business with the individuals and SME’s. We aim to create a market place whereby any individual can hire the right vehicle at the right price and without any unfair conditions.

Just to help you out a little bit more, here are my 5 tips to know when you rent a truck:

  1. Compare a bunch of quotations! Don’t make the mistake of just accepting the first quotation you receive from a truck rental company
  2. Read over your quotation, many truck rental companies today tend to construct complicated quotations, so be aware of what you are in for
  3. Have your transport details ready. Be prepared with the details of what you are moving, where it is moving from and to and on what dates.
  4. Know the weight and mass of your load. Many vehicle rental companies will take advantage of someone who does not know the details of their move and overcharge them for a larger truck that you don’t need
  5. Understand the inclusions and exclusions of your contract, as many truck rental companies today tend to opportunely place hidden costs in their quotations.

There you have it. If you’re looking to rent a truck then contact Dial a Truck today! Call us on 0861 998 887 or email us at