There is just something about Johannesburg that makes it unique compared to any other South African city. Johannesburg in a word is more focused and has a higher sense of urgency than any other city.

This very same buzz and focus is what we at Dial-a-Truck believes in to run a successful vehicle rental service.

Truck hire in Johannesburg is a crucial service that many companies reply on to run their day to day business. At Dial-a-Truck, we don’t only offer this service to large companies but to SME’s and private individuals also.


Who is Dial-a-Truck?

Dial-a-Truck is a transport company that has built itself knowing that our reputation and service offerings are well above high standards because of our appreciation for you. Our clients inspired us to design a quality service offering that saves you time and save your hard-earned money.

Our quality truck hire service

We aim to give you what you really want and need. As consumers ourselves we appreciate when a business recognises us for us and designs a service that really fulfills our consuming needs. At Dial-a-Truck we offer you what large corporations look for in a truck hire in Johannesburg, but at the most affordable price!

What more can you get from our truck hire in Johannesburg?

In addition of a truck, we give you the option of hiring an experienced professional driver. Whilst safeguarding your goods, our professional drivers also pick up and drop off your goods on time.

Quick and easy quotes!

When you want a truck hire in Johannesburg just give us a call with your specific vehicle requirements, the nature of your load, size of the goods you would like to have moved, the destinations where you want your goods to go and we’ll give you an immediate quote.

Our Johannesburg truck rental fleet includes:

  • 3 ton panel vans to 14 ton drop-sides
  • Crane trucks
  • Refrigerated vehicles
  • Tail-lifts
  • Curtain sides

Our truck rental service is also available in:

  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Pretoria
  • Polokwane

For more information on truck hire in Johannesburg, give us a call on 087 944 8871 and email us on and we will contact you right back.