Managing the stress of moving

How to move while keeping a positive mindset!

Moving can be one of the most stressful life events in one’s life, especially when it is your first time or when it is long distance.  Adapting a positive mental attitude with a action plan in place is the best way to get through this overwhelming time in your life. 

Take Control of the Chaos.

Before you start packing and sorting, you look at the amount of work that is to be done, and see a mountain! Take control of the mountain and turn it into pebbles, by creating a plan of action.

  1. Set a date for when the actual move will take place.  Give yourself enough time to prepare and pack with some time to spare in case of unplanned surprises. 
  2. Book your moving truck for that date.  Book well in advance to ensure truck availability.  
  3. When you book your truck, be sure to book a truck driver, and if you need extra help with the move, a driver’s assistant.
  4. Set weekly goals, and daily goals.  For instance: Week 1: Spring clean,  get boxes, book a moving truck.  Monday:  Buy boxes.  Tuesday: Spring clean bedroom and kitchen. Wednesday: Spring clean guest room, and bathrooms etc…
  5. Share your plan of action with everyone involved in the move and distribute duties.  For instance,  John to find boxes and get Sally, to spring clean the kitchen. 

Get a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

  1. Accept that that you are moving and it is a lot of work. 
  2. Take 5 minutes daily to be proud of what you have accomplished this far.  Even if it is only something small. 
  3. When times get tough, think of how far you have come and be grateful for something.  There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. 
  4. Always thank someone who is willing to assist you are help you out.
  5. Take time for yourself. You are not a machine, make a point to take at least 1 hour each evening for yourself, to do whatever YOU want to do.

When the big day arrives…

  1. Get up early, and eat a good breakfast.
  2. Pack a lunch, or have a plan for lunch. It is important to take breaks. 
  3. Wear comfortable clothes, with comfortable shoes.  Remember, there is absolutely nothing glamorous about moving!
  4. Make sure your personal belongings are packed, organised, and ready to be loaded when the truck arrives. 
  5. Keep all your important documents or important goods in a safe place where you can easily access it.
  6. Always be prepared for any surprises.  If you get caught of guard, take a moment to think it through and then act. 

We understand how much mental and physical energy goes into a move.  That is why when you book your moving truck with Dial a Truck you can rest assured, that we will arrive on time and ready to make this day as stress-free as possible!


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