Truck HireAt Dial-a-Truck, we understand that finding a reliable truck hire service can be a challenging task. There are many vehicle rental companies out there that offers a truck hire service but, will they suite your transportation needs?

Convenient Truck Rental

Dial-a-Truck is different compared to other vehicle rental companies. We care about your transportation requirements and will do our best to provide you with a passionate and knowledgeable service that you deserve.

Who is Dial-a-Truck?

We are a transportation company established on the notion of knowing there are just too many transportation companies that only offer a transportation service to large corporations and not enough transportation services for individuals and SME’s.

We’ve built our business, our service offerings and our reputation based on exactly what you want and need.

Trusted Truck Hire Services

At Dial-a-Truck, you can trust us to give you the truck rental you need to get your load on the move with the same quality service offering that large corporation offer, but at the fraction of the cost.

When making use of our truck hire services, we also provide you with the option to make use of our experienced drivers and assistant crew.

Who can rent a truck?

We do not limit who can rent a truck from us. It does not matter if you’re a private individual, SME or a corporate company, we have a transportation solution to suit your needs. We also don’t limit how long a truck must be rented for. Our vehicles are rented out on a daily, weekly and a monthly basis.

Where can you hire a truck?

Our vehicle rental services are available in the following cities:

What types of trucks can be hired?

Our truck rental fleet includes:

  • Drop Sides
  • Panel Vans
  • Curtain Sides
  • Refrigerated Trucks
  • Tail-lifts
  • Curtain side trucks
  • Crane Trucks

Our vehicles come with various load capacities which range between 1,6 ton and 32 ton.

What information do we need from you to make a booking?

  • Details of what cargo your are moving
  • Pickup and drop off addresses (or approximate distance that the vehicle will travel)
  • A valid South African drivers licence relevant to the vehicle being rented (for self driven rentals)
  • A valid credit card

Contact us today

Need more information about truck hire through Dial-a-Truck? Simply give us a call on 0861 998 887 or complete an online quote request form through our website: