A “Bakkie” what exactly is a bakkie? Well, if you are from South Africa you will know what a bakkie is. If you are the USA, you will know a bakkie as a Pickup Truck, Pick-up or a light truck. In Australia or New Zealand, you will know a bakkie as a UTE, short for a utility vehicle.  No matter what country you are from, we have found a great description as to what a bakkie is:

“A light motor vehicle with an open rear cargo area or bed.”

Bakkie Rental

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A bakkie is an extremely useful vehicle as it is so versatile. You get various types of bakkies such as single cabs, double cabs, long wheel base, caddy’s ect… Many families own a double cab as it can easily be used as a family vehicle as well as a utility vehicle. Due to its versatility, many South Africans own a bakkie as it can be used as a commercial vehicle and a family vehicle.

A number of businesses also rely on bakkies to assist their business run on a daily basis. If you are a farmer, electrician, plumber, courier, or builder, you will know that you would not be able to function without your bakkie.

Many South Africans do not own a bakkie, are not in a position to buy a bakkie or do not have an on-going need for a bakkie, but may need access to one from time to time. Or  maybe you do own a bakkie but it is being serviced or repaired and you need another bakkie on a temporary basis.  What would you do then?

This is where Dial-a-Truck comes to the rescue. 

Who is Dial-a-Truck?

Dial-a-Truck is a vehicle rental company that focuses on making truck, van and bakkie hire available directly to the public and SME’s in a quick and easy way and at affordable rates.

Our Rental Fleet

We understand that each of our clients have different transportation requirements, for this reason, we have made a large fleet of bakkies that are available in various configurations. These include:

  • Open bakkies (without a canopy)
  • Closed bakkies (with a canopy)
  • Volumetric
  • Supper tonners
  • Long wheel base
  • Caddy’s
  • Double Cab
  • Single Cab

If you do not know what bakkie configuration will suit your rental need, then simply give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with your decision.

Contact Dial-a-Truck

For more information about our bakkie rental service, please contact us on 0861 998 887 or email us at info@dialatruck.co.za.

We have branches located in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Polokwane, Durban and Cape Town.