First of all, a bakkie is only known as a “bakkie” in South Africa. Each country seems to have their own term for a bakkie. For example, in Australia they are known as a Ute, short for utility vehicle and in America they are simply known as a truck. A very interesting term for a bakkie comes from Japan where they are known as a Pikkuapputorakku.

In South Africa people of all language groups use the term bakkie, an alternative word for of bak, which means bowl in Afrikaans.

But why is a bakkie so popular?

bakkie-hireA bakkie is popular due to its ability to transport small to medium loads around easily and efficiently. In addition to this, they can easily be used as a family vehicle. Many businesses also rely on a bakkie, or a fleet of bakkies for their day to day operations.

Hire a bakkie

We don’t all have a need to own a bakkie or have access to one on a full time basis. This is where Dial-A-Truck comes into the picture with a convenient bakkie hire service! We rent out bakkies to private individuals and SME’s alike on a short to medium term basis.

We even give you the option to hire a bakkie with a driver and an assistant should you have the need for that.

Need more info?

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Our vehicle rental service is offered in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Polokwane, Durban and Cape Town.